Kudos to Question Box Heroes

Over the past few months, a collection of extraordinary people have been providing extraordinary support to Question Box. We want to offer appreciation and recognition to:

John Digrado, CPA - John has led the charge to get all of Open Mind - Question Box's paperwork in order and up to date with the Federal and State tax and regulatory boards. John has filled out hundreds of pages of government forms, organized our books, and generally been a great intermediary between us and the government. Thank you John!

Brendan Cassidy is our summer intern in Pune, India.  Brendan is improving the Question Box hardware, and creating formal manuals and documentation.  He's doing a great job and surviving monsoon season.

Caitlin Feeney is just about to finish her 2 month internship. She's diligently cleaned up all of Open Mind's contact files, secured a free account for us at Salesforce.com to manage the contacts, created our upcoming newsletter (our first!) and translated our entire site into  Mandarin Chinese!

Hayley Tobin has just come on board, and already has drafted a manual and new website content. We're looking forward to her assistance through September.

Arjun Sivakumar has worked with us for two summers, and we are sad to lose him to law school! Arjun has written countless grants and conducted significant research.

Software engineer Chokha Palayamkottai, founder of Integralops, has volunteered his company's engineers to build the next generation of Open Question software! This software will enable organizations to run their own Question Box hotlines from their offices. Big thanks to Open Mind Board member Farida Paramita, who is managing the project, and who designed the user interfaces.

Megan MacMurray has been terrific, cleaning and updating our website and enabling new features. Thanks to Geetika Agrawal for being part of the online Question Box collective and offering design guidance.

Lastly, thank you to Raymond Ellis, Rebecca Seguerre, Nitin Gambhir, Oliver Zee, Kristin Cornuelle, and Rene Kathawala at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP for securing Open Mind's 501c3 status, walking us through trademark and IP issues, and working on contracts. We are very grateful for your time and contributions.


Question Box's strength lies in our volunteers, community, and partners. We invite you to join us with your talents to bring knowledge and understanding to the world.

A Young User at Maher Home for Children, Vadu, Maharashtra, India