Question Box is a Lifeline for Help connecting people in remote villages around the world.

With Question Box, rural farmers saved their season's harvest, so their families won’t go hungry.

Children accessed a universe of knowledge – even though their schools didn’t have a single book.

And families can now call for an ambulance, in a place where the average walk to a hospital is 37 miles on a muddy road. 

Will you please Join Us? Your Help changes the lives of people for better around the world.


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What We Do

Question Boxes give easy access to information, connecting and improving the lives of populations in areas with high illiteracy, social and technical barriers.

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Work with Us

We work with non-profit organizations, governments and companies interested in communicating with and providing services to hard-to-reach and marginalized populations in international and domestic sites.

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Passionate about sponsoring Question Box in a community?  Interested in running your own Question Box Pilot?  Looking for volunteer or internship opportunities? Talk to Us.

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