The Indigo Trust Provides Support for Question Box

Killak Health Center Launch

Many thanks to The Indigo Trust for their generous grant supporting Question Box. The Trust is providing support to Question Box to scale and develop our operations worldwide. With Indigo's assistance, Question Box is making significant strides forward with our Health portfolio, helping partners provide lifesaving information and service linkages in extremely marginalized communities.

Projects already benefiting include:

  • NUMEM, Pader, Uganda - Utilizing Question Boxes to dispatch ambulances to rural communities in life-threatening cases.
  • Lotus Medical Foundation, Kolhapur, India - Seeding Question Boxes throughout marginalized communities, linking women via a Mother-Baby hotline to counseling, care, and Community Health Worker support.
  • eHealth Africa, Sierra Leone - Installing Question Boxes to link isolated rural communities with the national Ebola 117 hotline, to provide information to keep people safe, and links to area services.

The Indigo Trust is a UK based grant making foundation that funds technology-driven projects to bring about social change, largely in African countries.  The Trust focuses mainly on innovation, transparency and citizen empowerment. Indigo Trust publishes an excellent blog on ICT and development, and we encourage visiting and signing up to receive updates.

We are very grateful for The Indigo Trust's continued support of Question Box, as well as for the support they provide to our many colleague organizations in the field, and look forward to reporting on what they have made possible in field deployments to help the most marginalized communities worldwide!