A Box with Great Potential

What excites me the most about Question Box are the seemingly endless possibilities that it holds for enriching the lives of the disenfranchised. Apart from providing access to otherwise unavailable information, Question Box holds the potential to be used for Mobile Health and Commerce initiatives that could change the lives of rural villagers in unforeseen ways. For all of the people without access to any sort of medical facility, a Question Box system with established health protocols could save the lives of countless villagers. For people without access to credit or the services provided by banks, Question Box can provide a link to the global network of commerce, including the ability to receive remittances from family members that have moved to cities or other countries.

To learn more about Mobile Health and Commerce initiatives already operating in India, check out the following links.

M-Health: http://www.hmri.in/104_Advice.aspx

M-Commerce: https://www.obopay.com/corporate/press_releases/Grameen_Solutions_Obopay.shtml